225px-Ripoll02RIPOLL TOURS

  • Monastery: Santa Maria Monastery.

  • Scriptorium: Permanent exhibition of the history and importance of Santa Maria monastery with the copy and production of manuscripts during X-XII centuries. Some of them are known as the most important of Europe.

  • La Farga Palau (Palau Forge): The Catalan forge represented the first important metallurgical advance in iron smelting during XVII and XVIII centuries.

  • Ripoll Museum.

  • Centre d’Acollida Turistica CAT (literally ,Tourism Shelter): We find a exhibition space in different languages about Comte Guifré el Pelós and the Ripoll’s importance as the cradle of Catalonia

  • Cultural Route: Romanesque to modernism, a short hike around the village. Starting point: Tourist Office.

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Click HERE to find hiking routes and spots around Sant Sadurni de Sovelles.

Click HERE to find trekking routes and spots around Sant Sadurni de Sovelles.

  •  The 4 viewpoints of Ripoll: 

Trail 1. Sant Bartomeu

Trail 2. Santa Maria del Catllar o ruta de les Fonts

Trail 3. Sant Roc

Trail 4. Sant Antoni de Morers

  • Sendero GR-1: This track is a great trail that go across the catalan territory from Empúries to Montanyana bridge, comes across our village.

  • Llaés Castle: Away from the city, at south-eastern Ripoll we find one of the most important places of Ripoll from the historical point of view, with a great landscape theme.

  • Ruta del Ferro i del Carbó (Literally, Iron and Carbon Route): Are old and disused railway lines between Ripoll- Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Toralles) that have been recovered and reconditioned for use by walkers and cyclists.

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Click HERE to find all mountain bike trails around Sant Sadurní de Sovelles.

All this mountain bike trails are marked , it’s a great way to enjoy Ripoll and its natural surroundings .

    1. Ruta del Ferro i del Carbó

    2. Sant Bernabé de les Tenes

    3. El Remei

    4. El Catllar

    5. Llaés

    6. L’Auró

    7. L’Adroguer

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Molló Parc: Animal Park Pyrenees , 50min.  www.molloparc.com